Brighten Up Your Home With Our Various
Roof Lighting Solutions

Get the Proper Lighting in Your Home

Make your home more inviting by bringing light into your home with a skylight or solar tube installed by the professionals at Superior Roofing.
Natural light can create atmosphere and can alter the way we feel about our living space. Let this light create drama and balance as well as bring harmony to your home.

Get Skylights From Major Brands

  • Velux
  • Thermolite
Contact Superior Roofing at 503-762-3123 and make your home more inviting.

Allow Your Attic to Breathe with Intake Vents

Quality vents, properly installed by Superior Roofing, will reduce the heat that causes shingles to beak and blister.
Keep your roof deck cool throughout the year. Your energy bills will be lower and you will be protecting your home from the structural damage caused by excessive heat.
  •  Continuous soffits vents
  •  Under eave vents

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Exhaust Vent

  • Electric power vents
  • Solar power vents
  • Ridge vents
  • Static vents
Superior Roofing follows attic ventilation guidelines recommended by Air Vent and is a past attendee of its “Ask the Expert” seminars. We are happy to inspect your roof to ensure adequate ventilation.
Contact Superior Roofing at 503-762-3123 and make your home more energy efficient.

A Simple Skylight Can Improve the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

  • Uplifting natural light
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Create mood
  • Add value to your home
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Reduce energy bills by providing proper vents for natural lighting. Get in touch for alternate roof lighting solutions. 
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